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Idling Facts


Idling Isn't Good for Our Pocketbooks or Our Lungs

Thankfully, it is less of a problem with newer fuel injected vehicles than it was with their predecessors. Today's vehicles emit fewer pollutants while idling than those of older generations. Still, idling wastes money and contributes to increased asthma and other respiratory problems.

There are multiple factors to be considered in deciding when to turn your vehicle off. We've listed those we think represent a common sense approach.


A major study done on the costs of idling found:


Students at the University of Alberta monitored a drive-thru in Edmonton last year for 54 hours, during which time they found that 3,756 cars idled in line for at least five minutes each.

At this rate, if you pick up your coffee at a drive-thru five mornings a week, you're spending almost two hours idling a month and unnecessarily increasing your fuel costs. Think of the extra coffee you could be purchasing instead. (Source: Climate Change Central)

Click on the following links for additional facts. Different sources may list different recommendations. The information is provided to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

Note: idling standards may be adjusted over time as vehicle technology changes and more studies are done.